GM600 GuideMaster

GM600 GuideMaster

GM600 Guide Master is developed for valve guide replacement. With GM 600, this work is fast and safe. The risk for damage on cylinder heads and valve guides are minimized.


  • Separate hydraulic measuring system gives correct reading of actual force at any moment.
  • Two hand control makes the operator work safe.
  • Tool drawer with standard set of tools.
  • Adjustable height of the machine.
  • Press force adjustable during operation, from 0 to 6 tons.
  • Working lights, 24 volts.
  • Easily adjustable fixture for fast positioning of the cylinder head.
  • Handwheel for easy angle adjustment

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Movement: (press head) Mesurments:
Horisontal: 675 mm Width: 1170 mm
Vertical: 170 mm Depth: 900 mm
Piston movement: 260 mm Height: 1710 mm
  Weight: 370 kg
Hydraulik: Electrics: 400V, 3ph, 50 Hz
Working pressure: 210 bar Effect: 1,6 kw
Pressforce: 0–6 ton Control voltage: 24 V
Shipping dimensions: W: 1200 mm, D: 1000 mm, H:1900 mm
Shipping weight: 400 kg

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